General Information


Lost Property

This is kept in a box in the disabled toilet. Be warned: this is emptied every few months and any unclaimed items are donated to a local charity shop. A warning is given in the clubhouse a few days beforehand.

Courts & Grounds

Please look after the club. It is yours to enjoy along with other members. Please do not leave balls on the courts but replace them in the appropriate place in the clubhouse.

Tennis Etiquette

Please remember not to cross behind a court during play but wait until the end of a point.

Club Officers:

Contact numbers

Chairman Keith Tilson 01372 844020
Secretary Vanessa Relleen 01372 463740
Treasurer Chris Relleen 01372 463740
Men’s Captain Mack Parker 07787 794862
Ladies’ Captain Jane Matchett 01372 466437
Membership Secretary Alex Dear 07802 534855
Junior chairman Sarah Ross 01372 810118
Courts & Grounds Viki Royce 01372 463918
Clubhouse Frank Brierley 01372 467146
Website Richard Corderoy  07796 175985
General Tracy Ambidge 01372 465458
  John Grieve 07795 422349
Head Coach Ian Cooper 07862 253 564



British Tennis Membership


Why not join British Tennis? Membership is absolutely FREE. You will receive details of all the competitions, as membership allows you to get a player rating and enter LTA tournaments. You cannot enter the Wimbledon ticket ballot via the club unless you are a member

You can sign up on-line at: or use one of the forms that are available in the clubhouse.

Remember to enter Claygate as your affiliated club.