Courts & Facilities

Courts, Balls & Floodlights at Claygate tennis club

Court Priority

The following have priority and may use all 5 courts:

  • Senior Club mix-ins on Saturdays between 1.30 & 4pm, and on Wednesdays from 6pm.
  • Ladies’ mix-in on Tuesday mornings between 9 and 11am.
  • Juniors after 4pm on Fridays and after 5.15pm on Saturdays.
  • The finals of Club competitions and other organised events as stated in Club notices.

Coaching has priority on court 3 on Saturdays before 2.30pm, on Sundays between 12 and 5pm and at various times during the week. Please see notices for these times and other coaching information.

Juniors have priority on courts 1 and 2:

  • on Saturdays before 11am unless a Club match is in progress.
  • on Sundays after 2pm unless an organised Club event is taking place.


For a full list of times when courts are occupied please click the graphic on the right:

At all other times seniors have priority over juniors but seniors asking juniors to vacate a court must wait until the end of the set in play or until 15 minutes has elapsed from the senior members being ready to play, whichever occurs first.

If all courts are in use and members are waiting to play, the following regulations apply:

  • Senior members must come off court at the end of a tie-break set when other seniors are waiting or when juniors are waiting during junior priority times.
  • Juniors must come off court when seniors are waiting (except during junior priority times) or when other juniors are waiting. They must vacate their court within 15 minutes of the arrival of all players in the waiting game.
  • Exceptions are members, including juniors, playing Club tournament matches or postal competition matches and seniors playing singles league matches. All of these matches may be played to a finish.
  • One person occupying a court has no priority whatsoever.

Court bookings

Team captains may book courts for Club matches through Lenie Van Dooren via email only. Only two courts may be used for matches at any time. A fixture list is published each year and notices are put up informing members of additional matches. It is up to the captain to make sure the noticeboard outside the relevant courts is complete with the date and time of bookings a few days ahead of the match.

Individuals cannot book courts except in exceptional circumstances. Members are advised to arrange postal competition matches at quiet times.


New balls are provided each Saturday, one set per court. These are kept in racks inside the door of the right hand cupboard at the far end of the clubhouse. Tins are marked with the date and balls are numbered in different colours each week. Please ensure you return balls after play, emptying them out into the rack if wet in order to dry.

Juniors may only use balls in the left hand cupboard, as marked, even when playing with adults.

Members may purchase balls, £3 per tin, from Heinz Schmid, telephone 01372 877128.


Floodlights are available on Courts 1&2 for evening play. These are operated by the use of tokens put into the control box in the clubhouse. They are provided free for adult mix-ins on Saturday afternoons as necessary in mid winter, and Wednesday evenings, and for Junior mix-ins on Saturday evenings.

To use them at other times members should purchase tokens which cost £2 and give light for 30 minutes. These will usually be available at the club during adult club sessions and on Sunday mornings.

Alternatively, please contact one of the following:

The token meter is in the Clubhouse between the patio doors and operating instructions are posted next to it. To reserve a court for up to 90 minutes, please use the floodlights booking diary, which is kept on the token meter.

Ball Machine

The Club now owns a ball machine which is available for use by adult members. If you would like to use it please ask Ian for a demonstration. The pressureless 2-tone balls should be used with the machine. Please don’t use it if the courts or balls are wet.

Practice Wall

This is located behind Court 4. Please only use the balls from the basket in the left-hand ball cupboard.